Affordable private healthcare for you and your family

  • 3 months free cover*The Healthcare Scheme is a discretionary scheme set up for members of the Police family to help with the cost of private medical treatment when you need it, in the event of an illness. It allows you access to treatment at a range of private UK hospitals and facilities including those provided by Nuffield, Spire and BMI, and can reduce time spent waiting for diagnosis or necessary medical procedures.

    There are no medicals and no inconvenient red tape. Just a friendly team to help you with you and your family's healthcare.
  • The scheme currently provides cover for over 15,000 Police Officers, staff and their family members, with the following benefits:
  • Up to £30,000 in-patient treatment per year
  • The treatment year runs from 1 January to 31 December
  • High quality medical facilities
  • Private rooms with en-suite facilities
  • 24/7 GP Consultation Service, available to Healthcare members on 0345 222 5802
Join from £25 per month

Depending on your age and the type of cover you want, you could enjoy the benefits of the Healthcare Care from as little as £25 per month (based on Individual Cover for an 18-24 year old). 

As a member of the Healthcare Scheme, you can access a range of private UK hospitals and facilities, including:

Nuffield HealthSpire HealthcareBMI Healthcare

What's included

  • In-patient and day patient treatment

    Private hospital charges paid in full subject to annual benefit limit and a treatment covered by the scheme. Please refer to the Healthcare Scheme rules for details of what is not included in your membership

  • Consultation and treatment fees

    For surgeons, anaesthetists and physicians

  • Outpatient treatment
    Consultations covered up to £600 a year.
    Diagnostic procedures (including pathology, X-rays, ECGs and all medical scanning techniques covered up to £1,000 a year.
    Treatment (including physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic, psychiatry and psychology where provided by a practitioner recognised by the Police Mutual Healthcare Scheme) covered up to £600 a year.
  • Nursing at home
    Covered up to £1,000 a year (following in-patient or day case treatment and provided by a registered nurse under the direction of a specialist).
  • Cash benefit
    For non-emergency NHS treatment which is covered by the scheme, members can receive £250 per night (up to a maximum of 21 nights per year).
  • Accompanying adult accommodation
    Including up to £25 per night for up to 10 nights per year for one parent or guardian accompanying a dependent under 10 years old, where the child is covered under their membership.
The (not so) small print
*The 3 month free offer period is offered to those persons joining the Healthcare Scheme as offered by Police Mutual. 12 month commitment required. Read the full terms and conditions here.

If you are a member of the No1 Scheme or Wiltshire Scheme, please see the ‘Historical Products’ section below for further information relating to those schemes including rules.

Healthcare Scheme is provided by PMHC Limited trading as Police Mutual, more information is available on our
legal page.
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Healthcare Scheme documents

It is important you understand all of the Rules and exclusions of the Police Mutual Healthcare Scheme before considering applying.

Your Questions Answered Your Healthcare Scheme questions answered

  • You’ll find a full list of exclusions in the scheme rules.
    • It is important that you call the Healthcare team on 01543 441 630 before you attend any appointments or receive any medical treatment you think you may need to claim for. Dependent on the nature of your claim we may be able to authorise it straight away and accept your member contribution payment.
    • You will need an open referral from your GP to attend a consultation. If you are in your first 2 years of membership we will also need a GP report to confirm your claim isn’t for a pre-existing condition*.
    • Once authorised, Police Mutual will transfer you to one of our approved hospital networks to arrange your appointment with an appropriate consultant. We will also send you a claim form to take to your appointment to record any recommended tests or treatments, including procedure codes, discussed with your consultant.
    • Once your claim form has been completed you should call 01543 441 630 and if we are able to, we will approve the recommended tests or treatment verbally over the phone and accept your member contribution payment. Treatment can then go ahead.
    • If we are unable to approve the recommended tests or treatment verbally over the phone we may ask you to return the claim form to us via email to or by post to Healthcare team, Police Mutual, Alexandra House, Queen Street, Lichfield, WS13 6QS. We will then review your claim. Following review, we will call you to advise whether the recommended tests or treatment have been authorised, and if they have, to accept your member contribution payment. Treatment can then be received.

    *A pre-existing condition is any medical condition that you were aware of, or ought reasonably to be aware of prior to joining the scheme, even if medical advice has not yet been sought. For the pre-existing condition to be eligible for cover you will need to have had a period of five years without medical attention for it.

  • We cover consultations, tests and operations with a surgeon in relation to cancer but don’t cover chemotherapy, radiotherapy or on-going consultations with an Oncologist, as these are readily available on the NHS.
  • We have preferred provider contracts with particular hospitals and will try our best to use these whenever possible. However, if a procedure is not available at one of these hospitals, we’ll try and find a convenient alternative for you.
  • Cash benefits are only available for planned NHS admissions and must be at least a one-night stay.
    The cash benefit is not payable following emergency admissions or if your NHS stay is due to a procedure that the Scheme would not cover privately. You can claim £250 per night up to a maximum of 21 nights in any financial year.
  • There’s only one level of cover only and the annual limits apply to every member of the scheme.
  • You can include your spouse or partner you’re living with and dependent children including step-children, up to the age of 18 years.
  • They are invited to join the scheme in their own right and are entitled to the same benefits as serving Officers. If they enter into full time education, they’ll only have to pay a reduced rate until the end of their course or until they are 21, whichever is earliest.
  • The scheme is open to all Police Officers, PCSOs, Special Constables, Police Staff and their immediate families. To be eligible for the scheme you must be aged under 65 when joining.
  • Once your membership of the Healthcare Scheme starts, any new condition (normally covered by the scheme) would be considered for treatment.

    Any pre-existing condition that you had in the fives years prior to joining the scheme (that has been treated, or you were aware of, but didn't seek medical advice, attention or treatment for within the five years previous to joining the scheme, or any illness, injury or condition as a result of a known untreated condition which arises at any time whether prior or after such date) will be excluded. If you remain free from advice, medication and treatment for a continuous period of two years after your membership starts, the pre-existing condition can be considered for treatment.

    We may write to your GP for information before we can authorise any treatment.

    See the Healthcare Scheme rule book for a more detailed definition.
  • No, we’re not insurers. The Healthcare Scheme is a mutual, discretionary scheme. This means that the scheme has been set up by and for members of the Police family, with no shareholders looking to make a profit. All the members pay in to provide cover when it’s needed for each other.

    It's discretionary, because each case is looked at on an individual basis to see what help is right for that member. To make sure decisions are fair, the scheme has rules that guide which treatments are covered and what's not. But unlike private medical insurance, there are no 'hidden' extras or payments for 'extra' cover. Just one simple price for each member.
  • If you decide you would like to resign your Healthcare membership, you can do so by providing us with 30 days written notice. Please refer to the Scheme Rules or contact us for full details.